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APMGlobal Health (APMG) is a social enterprise that works to improve the reach, quality and impact of HIV and health programmes among marginalised populations.




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Ongoing concerns about HIV among drug users in Asia
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Ongoing concerns about HIV among drug users in Asia
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HIV Foundations
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We want to leave a legacy of stronger community participation at local level and we do this by providing financial and technical support for the establishment of HIV Foundations at national or regional levels.
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We work where there is a need for our skills, where we are invited, where there is a worthwhile purpose to the task and where we can help. Our work is grounded in practice and in the history of the epidemic. We ensure that a portion of our profits are returned to the communities within which we work. We are transparent in our work; we are clear and open about our aims and objectives. We treat each other with fairness and respect.




HIV AIDS can be eradicated. The suffering can stop.